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In today's rapidly ageing society, advance care planning and long-term care planning are emerging as critical considerations for ensuring a comfortable and secure future. As we journey together through the intricate aspects of planning for what lies ahead, it's never too early to make such vital decisions. It's your future; plan it well.

Singapore multi-agency effort to make pre-planning for old age more accessible

The government is making it easier for people to plan for their old age by bringing together various agencies and services under one roof.

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More in Singapore choosing to make advance care plans

The number of people making advance care plans has been rising steadily over the years, with more than 10,000 people doing so last year.

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I seek to reach out to people who believe in safeguarding the interests of their loved ones. Let me know if I can be of help to someone you know or care about. We can make a difference to lives when it matters most. Cheers.
Ian Leo Tay
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Testimonials and Referral Notes

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Daniel Loy - Copywriter

I got to know Ian through a good pal of mine. At that time, I was serviced by multiple financial advisors, none of whom presented a clear strategy to meet my needs. Ian, on the other hand, understood my immediate and long-term goals right from the beginning. He was diligent in reviewing my financial portfolio and honest in addressing its shortfalls.
Ian worked around my existing policies and introduced various options to bridge the gap and get me the optimum coverage I needed. By giving me the flexibility of choice, Ian empowered me to make an informed decision and take control of my portfolio. His patience has never wavered throughout our discussions, and he has even gone the extra mile in paving the journey to secure my future.
I admire Ian’s efficiency in getting work done and putting his clients’ interests first. That’s the way a client-advisor relationship should be. Ian has helped me breathe easier when it comes to financial matters, and I would definitely recommend him to my friends.

Marc, Operations Executive @ Lion City Rentals Pte Ltd

Greetings everyone, I’ve know Ian for about 15 years, yes, truly a long time. And in that time, I believe we’ve both seen each other grow through our individual experiences. I am sure I’m not the first to say what a steadfast and level headed friend Ian is, and I can assure anyone that he has translated that into his career as a Financial Planner. 

When I first heard of his decision to switch industries, I was both skeptical and worried for him, as it was quite the busy period for him. But time and time again, Ian has shown what many, myself included, have always seen in him; his passion and ability to plan for things. Be it a dinner to catch up with each other, or to a trip overseas to make suit for an upcoming occasion, his attention to detail and his dedication to ensure all involved feel included and integral to whatever venture he sets off to do, has always left us with an assurance that we will be well taken care of. 

I am very proud to say that since Ian has taken over the policies that I have previously had with Prudential, I have had a much clearer picture of the state of my finances. But not only that, Ian is not the sort simply close a deal and that be the end of it. Ian always puts the interests of his friends and clients ahead of his own. His foresight have ensured that any policies work harder for me, than I for them. He never fails to plan ahead for his friends and clients and tries his best to ensure that we can all breathe a little easier in the future, while remaining well insured. 

Thank you my friend, for always having my back and for helping to guide me in planning for my finances. I wish you even greater successes in the future. 

Sylvia, Hotelier @ Park Hotel Group

I have known Ian for over 7 years now and we knew each other from the hotel industry. I am glad to have Ian to take care of my financial portfolio as he is very clear in explaining to me what I should look out for in terms of insurance coverage and planning for future needs. Ian’s personality has been well liked. That is mainly because he is very friendly to people around him and he is helpful in nature. You can count on him to make sure he gives you proper and careful advise.

Shawn - Workforce Transformation Consultant

I’ve known Ian for a few years now. When I heard he was moving to leave his full-time corporate role to start his own business as a financial consultant, I was rather surprised. My skepticism stemmed from my experiences with most financial consultants. They’d do it for a couple of years and give up. Another common story is one where they sell products that benefit them but are actually horrible for customers. I decided to give Ian a chance as I was reviewing my financial portfolio. His sincerity and attention to detail won me over. What’s impressive about Ian is his genuine effort to put the customer in the centre of what he does. He went through the tedious process of understanding my goals and objectives, before making his recommendations of what’s relevant to my lifestyle. On top of that, he’s digitized the experience by making allowing me to access my information on an infographic, and being communicative through whatsapp. Ian epitomizes the modern financial consultant. He’s well read and savvy, while building a lasting relationship – I’m set up to pursue my goals in life. The focus is on what I need as customers vs. what he can sell. With my positive experience, I’ve recommended Ian to a few of my friends who are looking for someone honest and trustworthy. Long story short? I’ve tripled my coverage with half of what I used to spend on insurance!

Rachael Nonis, Teacher @ LoveKids Speech & Drama

We had the pleasure of meeting Ian through my sister. We were in the dark with regards to planning for our baby. He has been excellent in explaining everything we need. In every meeting he never fails to put our interest above all else. Together with his genuineness, he is an awesome life planner! Thank you so much Ian for all your help 😃

Gabriel Teo, Partnerships Manager @ Chelsea FC

Trust is often difficult to build but Ian has consistently been able to prove to his clients that he’s not only trustworthy in character, but also extremely diligent in ensuring the best for them and their families. I’m one of many who can attest that Ian takes great pride in his work and ensures that he holds himself to a high standard of effort and care into every individual case. His moral compass and integrity guides him to do what’s right and what’s best for his clients. Needless to say, his glowing reputation as a financial advisor continues to rise and I’m certain that Ian will be the right choice for anyone looking for a financial advisor.